North Cyprus Fantasy


The return of Asil Nadir, accompanied by his delightful wife, Nur, to the UK in August 2010, has rekindled interest in this celebrity businessman and entrepreneur.

He is residing at a luxury Mayfair residence, which is allegedly costing him £20,000 per month. Some of his personal effects have been flown in from North Cyprus, including the famous black panther statue.

The long awaited trial of Mr Nadir is likely to be postponed for some considerable time, and during this period, he is required to remain in the UK.

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ASIL NADIR - Life and Career Summary

1 May 1941 - Asil Nadir is born in Lefka, a small town in the east of Cyprus which overlooks Morphou / Guzelyurt Bay.

1947            - Aged six, he started work, selling newspapers.

1950             - Studies economics at Istanbul University but does not complete his he returns to Cyprus in order to set up a clothing business.

1960s           - Mr Nadir joins his father in Britain, who is also working in the clothing sector.

1970s            - Asil Nadir responds to requests from the newly formed Turkish Republic of Cyprus for expatriates to assist in rebuilding the economy. He takes over a clothing factory in Nicosia which hand been previously been in Greek Cypriot hands.

1980s            - Asil Nadir purchases the clothing company Polly Peck, which had been founded some 30 years previously. He used the brand name to set a fruit packing business in North Cyprus.

North Cyprus Senator
The Senator's Villa in North Cyprus

1986                - His clothing company, Wearwell, is valued at £12million on the London stock exchange.

1989                 - Asil Nadir purchases Del Monte, the canned fruit manufacturer, for £580m. At this point, he was at the height of success.

1990                  - The businessman is listed 36th in the Sunday Times Rich List. In the autumn, a bankruptcy petition is lodged against him by his shareholders, who wanted payment for trading in £4million worth of Polly Peck shares.

1991                  - Mr Nadir's Polly Peck business empire collapses after the Serious Fraud Office launches an investigation.

North Cyprus Senator

Who is the Senator living in North Cyprus ?

1993      - Mr Nadir leaves UK by a private chartered plane for North Cyprus facing 66 charges of theft relating to £34 million.

As the UK has no extradition agreement in place with North Cyprus (TRNC), Mr Nadir was safe in his homeland. Michael Mates, a Northern Ireland minister, resigns due to his connections Mr Nadir.

During his time in North Cyprus, he carves out a profitable business for himself, running a media company which includes the Turkish title Kibris and the definitive English language newspaper, Cyprus Today.

2005            - Asil Nadir marries his 21-year-old wife Nur, an employee of one of his TRNC companies.

June 2010    - Asil Nadir wins a contract to manage Gecitkale airport in North Cyprus. This was the main airport, prior to the opening of Ercan airport. The contract is for freight services and runs for 15 years.

July 1, 2010  - Mr Nadir says he will return to Britain if it is guaranteed that he will not be remanded in custody.

A judge rules that the businessman can be given bail without arrest if he returns. As he was not technically on bail when he left the country, Mr Nadir cannot be arrested for breaching bail.

August 26, 2010 - Asil Nadir returns to Britain via Luton airport, accompanied by his wife, Nur. His bail conditions include a surety of £250,000, surrender of passport, electronic tag and he must report to a police station every week.


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