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On 22 April 2016 Asil Nadir, the Turkish-Cypriot businessman, was flown from the UK to Istanbul after the UK authorities accepted his request to serve the rest of his sentence in Turkey, and has spent his first night in a Turkish prison. .

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The transfer was part of the UK authority's policy of repatriating incarcerated offenders to their native land in order to serve jail sentences. It is estimated that it costs the UK taxpayer £40,000 per annum to keep a prisoner in a UK jail. This means that he is likely to serve the balance of a 10 year sentence in Turkey. However, it is stated that he repaid some £5m to UK investors in Polly Peck plus a further £2m to the Legal Aid Agency in order to facilitate this arrangement.


The Director of Cyprus Media Group, which belongs to Mr Nadir said that it is not known when he will return to north Cyprus


North Cyprus Senator
The Senator's Villa in North Cyprus



However, in what appears to be an official show of support for Mr Nadir, a bulletin posted by the state Turkish Cypriot Press and Information office read:

"Mr Nadir who takes place among the most respected businessmen in the world came under fire especially by the Greek Cypriot conservative environments and due to the unfair blaming, he had to leave his huge Polly Peck International Company and returned to his country at the beginning of 1990."

It continued:   "British justice did not give permission to submit the evidence which would prove that Asil was not guilty to the court due to the principles of the country's national interests and confidentiality.

Mr Nadir remains hugely popular in north Cyprus, where he owns a string of businesses, including radio stations and newspapers.

In November 2015, the leader of the Social Democrat Party in the north Tozun Tunali announced his party has launched a petition calling for the return of Mr Nadir to Cypru s. A number of prominent persons are understood to have supported the transfer of Mr Nadir to Turkey, including President Erdogan.

After having spent one night in Turkey, Mr Nadir resurfaced in his native North Cyprus, where he was given a warm welcome. He spent several weeks recovering from his unfortunate experiences and then started supervising his business interests in North Cyprus. We understand that he has recently negotiated a deal whereby he will administer Gecitkale airport and use it for the purpose of freight including North Cyprus agricultural produce.

22 November 2016

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