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Mr Asil Nadir, the disgraced and convicted founder of the Polly Peck empire is in the early stage of a 10 year jail sentence at Belmarsh prison UK.

During the trial sentencing, the UK judge stated that the terms of the sentence could be made more favourable is Mr Nadir paid back £5 million of the £29 million he allegedly stole form the company. This has now been done, and the payment set the stage for a possible transfer to Turkey where he would serve out the rest of his sentence.

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The Turkish Cypriot, 71, wanted to be moved to Turkey, but Justice Secretary Chris Grayling said he could not be sure authorities in the country would not convert his sentence to one that would have been imposed if he had committed the crime there. This is a strange statement, as prisoners have been exchanged between London and Ankara on previous occasions.

The fear was that Mr Nadir would return to Turkey and then move on to North Cyprus. Whether he remains in a state of 'house arrest' will be impossible for the UK authorities to ascertain.

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He later paid £5million in compensation to investors after being warned he would serve another six years if he refused.

The payment of £5 million was paid into the Court by Mr Nadir's friend, Hamit Cankut Bagana. Mr Bagana is a well known businessman in Turkey and owns the Onur Air company.

As Mr Nadir made several high profile contributions to the Conservative party and counted Michael Mates MP among his circle of friends, it was considered politically unpalatable to transfer him to Turkey as this would provoke outrage from the UK media and be insulting for the investors and shareholders in the Polly Peck empire.

However, it is unlikely that he will serve the full term in jail. His health remains uncertain and when the current Conservative government is no longer in power, another application for transfer could be favourably considered.

17 June 2013

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