There have been changes to the building regulations in North Cyprus. Instead of waiting until the development of a site has been completed and then separating the land into a number of individual parcels and building plots, a builder can now split the land into parcels at the commencement of the project. What this means for a customer is that he/she is purchasing an individual plot, together with a property, and that the plot already has a separate title deed. This arrangement avoids the prolonged delays in obtaining a separate title deed under the old regime arrangements.




The new arrangement also avoids the practice of a builder issuing shared title deeds to customers. A shared title deed is worth far less than an individual title deed, and can lead to a number of difficulties for both the builder and his customers. In addition, the authorities will insist that the infrastructure of a site is present before permission will be granted to a builder to issue individual title deeds for building plots. This normally means that there must be an estate road, pavements, possibly streetlamps, and that mains electricty and water are brought to the site and made available to each individual plot.  

This new arrangement also gives the customer more choice as to how he/she wishes to proceed. Many customers will wish to contract with the landowner or builder to construct a new house. More adventurous customers may decide that they wish to nominate their own builder or even undertake a self build project. In any event, this empowerment of the customer improves his bargaining position and will inevitably assist him/her to get a better deal from a builder.

Kantara Castle

Here are details of 3 sites on which we are currently offering individual building plots with separate title deeds -

A mature site with 16 completed properties and 2 vacant building plots. The vacant plots are being sold with individual title deeds and boundary walls.

A new site with 1 completed property and 7 vacant plots. The vacant plots are being sold with individual title deeds and boundary walls.

A site with spectacular sea views in a location where no further development is being allowed.

16 October 2018