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In November 2013, it was announced that Nur Nadir would be seeking a divorce from her husband, Asil Nadir, who is serving a jail sentence in the UK.

During the high profile trial in London, she vowed to stand by Asil Nadir when the fugitive was jailed for ten years. and she also made strong representations for his release.

But now the tycoon's wife, who is 42 years his junior, is said to be demanding a £5million divorce settlement.

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Only 15 months after pledging to help Mr Nadir fight to clear his name, she is reported to have made enquiries about divorce proceedings.  

As well as the £5million settlement she is seeking his four-wheel-drive vehicle and villa in Northern Cyprus.

Asil Nadir, aged 71, whose trial costed millions in legal aid from the taxpayer after nearly two decades as a fugitive in Northern Cyprus, is understandably devastated by this news. It is understood that he told her from his prison cell: ‘If you leave me I will reject everything and give up my fight for life.'


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Mrs Nadir, 29, does not have a good relationship with her husband's family, which has seen her use Twitter to attack ‘slander and ugly behaviour'. She supported Nadir throughout his trial. The tycoon, who had agreed to return to Britain after fleeing to Northern Cyprus, was found guilty in August 2012 of stealing almost £29million from his Polly Peck empire in the 1980s.

Mrs Nadir returned to Cyprus afterwards but was fired from her position at The Cyprus Media Group by its boss, Mr Nadir's sister Bilge Nevzat, a local newspaper reported. According to another paper, she claims to have been pressured into the divorce by Mrs Nevzat.


It is unlikely that the truth regarding the reasons for the divorce will never be clarified, either to the press or at a divorce hearing.

Speaking to the Turkish daily Milliyet, Mrs. Nur Nadir was quoted as saying: "I now struggle to recognize to my husband. It has been a great heartbreak and a lesson in life for me. "

She went on: "Actually, I did not make this decision (divorcing) myself. I endured all manner of pressure and torture to do it but I did not do so because of my belief in marriage. We had promised to stay with each other in good and bad days.

"But even forgetting the unkept promises, I beg to mention evidence that showed how I was being used every day.

"Before we went to London, my husband had asked me to open bank accounts in my name because he was bankrupt, but I later discovered many payments and transfers had been made without my knowledge and using my name.

"These were all presented as evidence in court in England despite me knowing nothing about it. In short, games were played over my head. I have only just begun to learn about them and I find it difficult to believe my husband was unaware of this. "

Mrs Nadir's lawyer has reportedly said that, on the basis of negotiations, the divorce will go through if she lowers her demands and accepts £2.5million.

A friend of Mr Nadir said that the tycoon's family did not get on well with Nur, his second wife, and was not surprised they were divorcing.

The friend added: ‘When someone as young as her marries someone as old as her grandfather, one draws one's own conclusions, especially given the reports she's asking for £5million.'  

The friend said Mr Nadir was coping well with life in Belmarsh prison, South-East London, adding: ‘He's a strong character. He's actually doing a good job in there counselling other prisoners.'  

This is a sad state of affairs for Mr Nadir. One of the reasons why he returned to the UK in an effort to clear his name was an obvious desire to move in international circles, accompanied by his younger wife. The confines of life in North Cyprus were evidently unpalatable to Nur Nadir and she wished to broaden her experience of life by travel to the UK and elsewhere.

People in North Cyprus will understandably feel little sympathy for Nur Nadir. Her husband lavished gifts on her and shared with her a luxurious and privileged lifestyle. Loyalty in marriage is important in all cultures and her desire for a divorce breaks the marriage vow of 'for better, for worse'.

Despite Mr Nadir's famous resilience, this must be a bitter personal blow for him.


22 June 2014

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